Under Eye Dark Circle Creams

Benifit EyeConThis week on Channel 4’s How to Look Good Naked, Dawn Porter and the girls tested Under Eye Dark Circle Creams. The products tested were Benefit Eye Con (£21.50), Boots Time Delay (£7.99), Hylexin Dark Circle Cream (£95.00) and
ROC Hydra+ Destressant Eyes (£11.95). The girls that reported their experiences said that the creams didn’t really do much for their dark circles but did moisturise their skin. Would you spend up to £95 on a product that’s not going to do its job? Unlikely.

Boots Time DelayThe most expensive product Hylexin Dark Circle Cream did score the highest amount of points (54) but none of the girls were raving about it, it is in my opinion a waste of money that could have been better spent on two new pairs of shoes! Benefit Eye Con came in 2nd place with 50 points out of the possible 100, Boots Time Delay came in at a close 3rd (49/100) and ROC Hydra+ Destressant Eyes last place with just 30 points.

ROC Hydra+ Destressant EyesObviously everybody’s skin is different so you never know what products may work for you. There is no way I would spend £95 on a product but I would consider using Benefit Eye Con as it did rank just 4 points behind and is over £70 cheaper. I have seen a few US websites that advertise Hylexin Dark Circle Cream for $95 which is much more reasonable.

See the Channel 4 Website for further information about the show or to get the chance appear on the program.