Olay Everyday Sunshine

Olay Everyday SunshineI am a huge fan of the new show How to Look Good Naked on Channel 4, I think it’s a great feel-good program and I’m sure many women across the UK are hooked. If you haven’t seen the show, they basically pick a women who feels self conscious about her body and they dress her in clothes to suit her shape and make her feel fabulous. At the end of the show she has her own photo shoot and models underwear on a catwalk.

Every week they test out beauty products on a group of 100 women, this week they tried tanning products and for the first time in ages an expensive product actually won the experiment. Make Believe Tan Extender costing £25 scored the highest but only by 3 points.

Second in the rankings was Olay Everday Sunshine costing just £5.99 – an absolute bargain compared to the Make Believe product. To be honest I couldn’t tell the difference in appearance between one woman wearing the expensive tan and the other wearing the cheaper version.

I therefore conclude by saying, Olay Everyday Sunshine is the ideal tanning product of the summer!

Via The New Pink.