Make The Most of Your Eyes

Ever wondered what colours would make your eyes stand out. Well read my guide below, head for the make up counter, and blow that special someone away with knock ‘em dead eyes!

Blue: Gold, Green, Brown, Bronze. You can still wear the other colours but these will bring out your natural eye colour the best.

Green: Purple, Blue, Green, Brown.

Brown: Any colour – You lucky ladies, but within limits – I wouldn’t recommend heavy blue eyeshadow to anyone.

A great way to make your eyes stand out is to use one colour on your eyelids (e.g. I have green eyes, so a green eyeshadow) then a purple eye pencil underneath your eye.

It may sound a little adventurous to the more inexperienced folks, but trust me the results are beautiful. Why not try it one day and play around with lots of colours, and see what works for you. Just remember ladies, Pink and Green should never be seen.

Have a look at Bobbi Browns website they have a huge range of colours in eyeshadows and eye pencils and their eye shadows are the best I’ve come across.